Consumer Schedule of Fees

Account Research/Statement

Account Activity Printout
(Interim Statement)
$5.00 per statement
Account Reconciliation/Balancing 30 minutes per month free; then $25.00 per hour
Account Research $25.00 per hour (one hour minimum)
Imaged Check Copy $3.00 per image after first 10 copies
Images with a statement
(applies to accounts that do not include images with statements)
$3.00 per statement
Statement Copy $5.00 per statement

Debit Card/ATM

ATM/Debit Card Replacement $10.00
ATM Network $2.00 per non-CAB ATM withdrawal, above account limits
Expedited Debit Card and PIN Mailer $50.00 each
Visa International Service Assessment
(ISA) Fees
Up to 1% of all foreign transactions
as assessed by Visa

Miscellaneous Fees

Account Closed within 90 Days $25.00 per account
ACH Return $5.00 per item
Automated Coins Rolling
(not available at all locations)
2% of total value of coins
Automatic Transfer from Overdraft
Protection Line of Credit
$5.00 per transfer
Cashier's Check $5.00 each
Collection Item  
- Domestic $20.00 per item
- Foreign $40.00 per item
Deposit Correction $5.00 per deposit
Dormant Account $5.00 per month
Foreign Check Collection $12.00 per item
Foreign Currency (Purchase/Redemption) $20.00 per order
Legal Processing
(tax levies, garnishments, subpoenas)
Returned Deposited Item Fee $12.00 per item
Stop Payment $36.00 each
Stop Payment (through Online Banking) $18.00 each
Traveler's Checks
(not available at all locations)
2% of face value

Overdraft /Return Items

Maximum NSF Charge $180.00 per day
Overdraft NSF Fee
$36.00 per item
(created by check, in-person withdrawal,
ATM withdrawal or other electronic means)
Continued Overdrawn Fee $5.00 per day (after 3-day grace period)
Returned Item NSF Fee $36.00 per item

Online Banking

Alliance Online Bill Pay 15 free payments per month;
$0.50 each thereafter
Popmoney Overnight Check Payment $14.95 per payment
Popmoney Payment $0.50 per payment
Popmoney Same-Day Bill Pay $9.95 per payment
Popmoney Receive Money $0.75 per receipt

Wire Transfers

Domestic/Incoming $16.00 per wire
Domestic/Outgoing $23.00 per wire
Foreign/Incoming $16.00 per wire
Foreign/Outgoing $50.00 per wire

Safe Deposit Boxes*

3x5 $40.00 per year
5x5 $50.00 per year
3x10 $55.00 per year
5x10 $75.00 per year
10x10 $125.00 per year
Safe Deposit Box Drill $150.00
Safe Deposit Box Lost Key $50.00

*Not all Safe Deposit Box sizes are available at all locations.

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