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Charles M. Shepherd
Senior Vice President
Leasing Director
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Merrill F. Tibbals
Vice President
Professional Banking
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South Carolina

Mark W. Spears
Leasing Executive
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Susan Plemmons
Leasing Specialist
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Carolina Alliance Leasing

Commercial Vehicle & Equipment Leasing

Leasing makes good business sense, and Carolina Alliance’s lease plans enable your business—regardless of what size—to acquire, upgrade or replace vehicles and equipment easily and economically.

Choosing leasing over purchasing offers many benefits, enabling you to:

  • Improve your cash flow
  • Conserve your working capital and preserve your bank lines of credit
  • Realize tax advantages
  • Enjoy an advantageous pricing and payment structure
  • Eliminate the need for down payments
  • Take advantage of available incentives and rebates
  • Defer purchasing decisions by structuring your leases with options at term-end
  • Simplify your budget planning

Carolina Alliance offers a wide range of terms and simple documentation that makes leasing with us as uncomplicated as it is smart.  All of our leases are administered by us, meaning you can rely on receiving the same high level of service you’ve come to expect as a Carolina Alliance banking customer.

Vehicle Leasing
Carolina Alliance can help you lease any type of vehicle for your business, whether you need one or an entire fleet. Through our business partners, we can also facilitate the acquisition, maintenance and disposal of your vehicles.

Equipment Leasing
Many companies use leasing as a means of acquiring the tools they need to become and remain successful in their industries. Leasing can enhance cash flow, preserve capital, and match equipment expense to incremental revenue. And, because you can more easily replace leased equipment with upgraded models, leasing helps you avoid technological obsolescence.

Carolina Alliance specializes in leasing for construction and industrial and manufacturing  sectors as well as for medical and government-related enterprises.

We offer you the flexibility of a choice of capital leases and operating leases on equipment, including:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Industrial Machines and Tools
  • Medical Equipment

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