The Simmonds
Making Asheville Their Home

Mike and Laurie Simmonds recently retired from Bucks County, Penn., to the beautiful Asheville
area. They were attracted by the climate, the MOUNTAINS, the hiking, the waterfalls, the
quirky, totally accepting ways of the city of Asheville and, of course, the beauty of it all. (Actually, they drive around the completely uncongested roads exclaiming out loud the wonder
of actually living here).

The Simmonds are still getting used to the Southern way of life (and have been trying to
remember to say y’all) but really are enjoying the slower pace of things down here and the
unbelievable friendliness of the people of Asheville who wave and stop to say hey. Mike sold
a family floor covering business in the Philadelphia suburbs and Laurie is a retired (for now) optometrist who gave up two lucrative practices to move south and fulfill their dream of living in North Carolina. Asheville is an area that they had visited on vacation and, when exploring the idea of retiring, they remembered how much they felt at home there. Their older daughter just got married in August 2013 and their younger daughter transferred schools and is now a senior at Appalachian State University so Mike and Laurie found themselves empty nesters, free to pursue a radical change in lifestyle. After many trips down Interstate 81 and many exploratory days out with a local realtor they found not only their dream home in a dream location on top of a mountain in Fairview but, also two rental properties to purchase.

Mike and Laurie were lucky enough that the local realtor recommended speaking to (Senior Vice President Professional Banking) Kelly Davis at Carolina Alliance Bank. Having always been self-employed, the Simmonds’ knew the value of a small, local bank over the large choices out here (it is so nice to have the bank employees recognize you upon entering the bank and welcome you by name, or, in Kelly’s case, sometimes even a hug). Without the financing from Carolina Alliance Bank, Laurie and Mike would not have been able to follow their dreams.


Carolina Alliance Bank. Here for you. Every Day.

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