Blue Ridge Humane Society

A former commercial banker in Hendersonville, Lutrelle O’Cain was a board member for the Blue Ridge Humane Society when the position as Director of Administration and Donor Development became available. She applied for the job and was hired.

The Society has been a fixture in Hendersonville for more than six decades and, thanks to a “particularly active board,” has grown dramatically in the last few years, she says.

“One of my projects was to bring some more corporate and commercial interests to our organization. I had the good fortune to have worked with (Hendersonville Branch Manager) Lisa Parham at another bank. Lisa was very excited about working at Forest Commercial, and at the time it had the best interest rate in town on savings accounts. We took money from an account that wasn’t earning anything and took it to Forest Commercial.”

She also opened a personal account for herself. “I opened an account with them right away because I was impressed with them, but I also appreciated the fact that they were willing to back the Humane Society. I think that means a lot to other donors in the area. The people around here, especially the retirees, who give their time and money, I think they keep up with things like that as well. We have a lot of animal lovers in this area, which is good, because the number of homeless animals in this part of Western North Carolina is just outrageous.”

Another great thing about working with Lisa and her group is the personal interest that they have in the Society. Lisa herself has volunteered at the shelter to work with our cats and has brought her daughter Haley, who has become the youngest volunteer we’ve ever had.


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