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Commercial Fees

Account Research/Statement Fees

Account Activity Printout $5.00
Account Research $25.00 per hour (one hour minimum)
Photocopies per sheet $3.00
Statement Copy $5.00

Debit Card/ATM Fees

ATM/Debit Card Replacement Fee $5.00
Monthly ATM Card Fee No Charge
ATM Network Fee $2.00
Expedited (Overnight) Debit Card/PIN Mailer $75.00 Each
ATM Daily Withdrawal Limit $500.00
POS Credit Limit $1,600.00

Deposit Bags

Locking Night Drop Bag $20.00
Disposable Night Drop Bags Cost
Zipper Bag $7.00

Returned Item/Overdraft

Negative Collected Balance Prime + 3%
Returned Item Fees $35.00
Overdrafts (created by check, in person
withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other
electronic means, as applicable)
Daily Overdrawn Account Fee $5.00
Extended Overdraft Grace Period 3 days

Miscellaneous Fees

ACH Returns $5.00
Cashier’s Checks $6.00
Collection Item Fee  
-Domestic $20.00
-Foreign $40.00
Dormant Account Fee $5.00 per month, ($60 maximum)
Foreign Currency Processing Fees $17.00
Legal Fees (tax levies, garnishments, subpoenas) $100.00
Returned Deposited Item Fee $9.00
Stop Payments $34.00

Per Item Fees

Coin Deposited/Purchased (per roll) $0.10 ($3.50 minimum)
Currency Deposited/Purchased $0.55 (per $1,000)
Per Debit Item Posted $0.19
Per Deposit/Credit Posted $0.40
Per Item Deposited $0.10

Safe Deposit Boxes**

3x5 $35.00
5x5 $45.00
3x10 $50.00
5x10 $70.00
10x10 $120.00
Safe Deposit Box Drill Fee Cost
Safe Deposit Box Lost Key Cost

Wire Transfers

Domestic, Incoming $16.00
Domestic, Outgoing $20.00
Foreign, Incoming $16.00
Foreign, Outgoing $50.00

Cash Management Fees

Online Cash Management

Carolina eBusiness Banking $25.00 per month
ACH Origination (per file) $6.00 per file
ACH Returns $5.00
Positive Pay $25.00 per month
Stop Payments (through
Carolina eBusiness Banking)


CD/Rom Statements $35.00 per month
Courier Services Cost
Lockbox Services Cost

Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit (includes cost of equipment) $85.00 per month
Per Deposit/Credit Posted within Remote Capture $0.40
Per Item Deposited within Remote Capture $0.12

Sweep Services

Line of Credit Sweep $25.00 per month
Money Market Sweep $35.00 per month
Repurchase Sweep Account $75.00 per month
Zero Balance Account $25.00 per month

**Not all Safe Deposit Box sizes are available at all location

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